The seasons are shifting

The seasons are shifting. This isn't a debate on why or how or global warming or the president or politics or the anatomy of an upcoming ice age. The seasons are shifting, and we go about our days. When we should be mid-winter, it's only just beginning. The seasons change daily, though the pattern remains... Continue Reading →


Stop waiting for the next best thing and live your moments now

That "next thing" will be here before you know it It was one week until I would hear back. I'd hear the news and either celebrate or pursue another path. My mind filled with visions of how I would react to the news I wanted to hear, and pushed back the thoughts of how I... Continue Reading →

They Say

You don’t need to worry You don’t need to stress I’m sure you’re tired and I’m sure you’re worn The day is long and the nights are longer But you can do as you please You can take off and leave You don’t have to worry ‘Cause you have help you see. Yes I’m blessed... Continue Reading →

Immerse yourself in foreign experiences, open your soul to learning, and loosen the hold on your supposed truths – it is in humility that true wisdom appears

"There are indeed not seven gods. Only one." The beauty of immersing one's self in various experiences is that great learning occurs. We all come packed with assumptions, grown and watered over time, hardening our hearts, forming our beliefs, sealing the mind's eyes, closing our doors. We grow protected, we grow segregated, one, lonely, unwilling,... Continue Reading →

Having a Baby is Hard

Making the baby is fun, carrying the baby may or may not be great, delivering the baby is a LIFE CHANGINGLY DIFFICULT event that makes you feel like you have to make the hardest bowel movement you’ve ever had so much that it feels like you can’t breathe..., but having the baby...? As in, finally... Continue Reading →

Momming vs. Friending – the Ultimate Battle

This is not the traditional conversation on whether moms should be mothers or friends to their child(ren).  Today, we are asking how the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does one balance motherhood with a social life.  Disclaimer: I have absolutely NO idea how to achieve such harmony.  But it may be something around the way of patience.  Patience and... Continue Reading →

Second Time’s a Charm

Second time's a charm.  OK, maybe that's not how the saying goes, but there seems to be this resounding idea that the second pregnancy is ... EASIER. Even if there are a good number who ask whether it's any harder this time and who ask how you are doing, the laborious acts of love towards a... Continue Reading →

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